Sunday, April 4, 2010

after free software and linux days

one 'free software and linux days' organisation is behind again. for us, who are former parkyeri employees, it's also like a graduate gathering. thus we find chance to see old friends.

to list what i gained from this activity this year; i got aware of a new association for IT employees called 'bitder', and i catched two new keyword from brian king's presentation, one is jetpack and the other is drumbeat.

by the way, at brian king's presentation, the demonstration of what can be done with css on a video at firefox was quite impressive. i'll get a nightly built firefox to play with it a little bit at the earliest opportunity.

drumbeat is a platform leaded by mozilla, where philosophical discussions take place to decide how will internet's social profile be at next 10 years. in other words a non-technical one of W3C. as i understand, they're trying to create a community to get long term strategic decisions to protect and improve the internet as an open, participatory, decentralized and public resource, by keeping an eye at human values.

jetpack is an add-on devolopment kit letting devolopers to create new add-ons by just basic html, css, javascript knowledge without dealing with xul. and also add-ons devopeloped with jetpack do not require a restart of firefox at installation. of course they're not as powerful as xul ones, but jetpack is ideal for simple add-ons like my imkbizle. i guess it will cause number of people increase who develop add-ons.

(and a parkyeri advertising break :) now i understand the privileges of working at parkyeri better as i'm away. for example it's almost impossible not to be aware of something like jetpack if you work at parkyeri, for sure somebody will mention it, and you'll be an earwitness by some way. i saw that i'd been also away from rest of the world as i got away from parkyeri. by the way i'm afraid, if parkyeri keeps founding new companies at this speed, there will be no place to other sponsors' logos at organisation's poster.

if we look at activity generally this year, i think it was a little dead in compare to past years, i don't know maybe it's just same but i'm getting older. but when i look at the number of posts at turkish debian e-mail list, there is an obvious decrease. i guess growing of free software community slows down. on the other hand i feel an increase at the number of linux users at my around. maybe the connections between linux users are getting thinner by time, because people do not behave linux users as an alien today. and i think the linux users were more like each other, there was a more common profile, but today there is a more variety among linux guys.

after all it was an efficient and connective organisation, thanks to everyone who were participated in, i hope we can keep this activities go on forever.


Anonymous said...

Nice post man, we are waiting to hear from you alot ! Keep on good work !

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