Sunday, January 17, 2010

married and changed my job

since my last entry, a number of important changes happened in my life. finally esra and I succeeded to get married (we're still paying its debts) and I started to work at mynet.

i'm at mynet for 3 months, if we consider that the trial period was 2 months, either they forgot to fire me or i've become an official mynet employee.

this is my transfer story to mynet:

zeitin had to move to a new bussiness model in which employees need to do sacrifice to keep company exist. because of my marriage I was unable to make any sacrifice at that time, so I had to abandon the ship at a time that I wouldn't prefer much.

I couldn't return back to parkyeri, because I didn't want to ruin motivation of people at zeitin. and i had a desire to learn what's going at the world beyond parkyeri, as a person who opened his eyes at parkyeri. also i couldn't go on at intimatek, because in this way it would be a shame against mavci.

during my job search, i was specially looking for network engineering and test engineering positions. but for the salary level I need, employers were asking for experience on sector. and my marriage again forced me to keep hurry, i began to apply positions for which my background is suitable, and I found myself at mynet. it'd been nearly 4 months at mynet, as a software developer on adklik project.

in addition to the adklik project at mynet, I'm trying to continue with siberfiber at my spare time, as a hobby. siberfiber is a nice project supported by tubitak and devoloped by intimatek co. which is founded by giray (one of co-founders of parkyeri) and his siblings, it's impossible to explain siberfiber with 3 words, I want to make a separate entry for it, later.

to summarize, i left vidi and gokada projects devoloped by zeitin, and I've been continuing my life with adklik and siberfiber projects.

that's it.

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