Saturday, September 27, 2008

back to the debian!

i'm close to end of my second year with my macbook, i got suspicious from strange behaviors on my network traffic a few days ago, and decided to use snort+base to understand what's going on. base is a php application that requires gd library. but unfortunately php coming with leopard doesn't support gd. i googled some and learned that i have to compile a new php. that's an irritating point of mac, there are something coming with system, and when they are not enough, you have to install something from darwin-ports or somewhere else, and at the end you have two gcc and two php on your system. this turns your system into a time bomb ready to blow. it's possible to get accross with problems hard to diagnose, because of conflicting libraries.

in this angry mood, i look at myself and recognized that in two years i'd become a man that gets suspicious with his network traffic; a man that gets upset because he is not able to buy music from itunes store, because he lives in turkey; a man that closely watches every advertisement of apple products. i'm snatched with steve jobs' wind too much and became a man with unneccessary anxieties.

i typed "ps" in my console and came accross with too many processes. i didn't have an idea about what most of them are doing. i remembered the process list of bekir's computer which uses xmonad as a desktop environment and i recognized that i'm losting control on my machine.

and i decided to return to debian. but it seems i was not so firm on my decision because i couldn't dare to remove macosx, and i installed debian as dual boot.

completed installation, in my first logon, for a second i was in same mood with a guest worker who comes back to his home after long years and kisses the ground. when i bought my macbook, compiz and xgl were new terms in linux world. i see gorgeous linux desktops on my friends' computers but i hadn't have chance to live on one of them. i must say that nothing is same at my home now. at these seconds, probably i was in the same mood with guest worker who has just returned to istanbul from germany and passing through the bosphorous bridge for the first time, and takes a look at the city.

but after a short time, broken asphalts and daily problems began to attract my attention. non-working hardware and a general slow performance. macbook is not a very strong computer but with macosx it really shows great performance and this increases the expectations from machine.

i'm looking forward to see ubuntu producing its' own computers, or a chinese producer does a real optimization, with a real R&D crew, on the linux distribution to be used on their product. otherwise, i think the software that's coded to run on any computer can't compute in performance with macosx software that's coded for a specific hardware.

it seems my return won't be so fast, i'm hopeful to fix performance and hardware issues after a little search, a kernel compilation and some configuration. first of all, i need to make it possible to give display to television and external monitors, and i need to make skype work with internal isight cam.

by the way, i strongly recommend snort+base to mac users, you can find a good howto document here. it catched quicktime's and other's traffics immediately.

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